Starta’s mission has always been to help entrepreneurs build high growth billion dollar businesses in Africa, by giving them the tools, resources and content they need to do so.

A lot of entrepreneurs visit our website each week in search of solid business advice and tips, and more than 17000 of our readers subscribe to our weekly email newsletter.

We’re excited and dedicated to giving our readers the best information there is on how to start, scale and fund high growth business in Africa.

If you applaud that mission then you are exactly who we are looking for as one of our guest writers.

There are other things we want to see as well; expertise, passion, good writing skills and a solid idea of who our audience are as well as what they expect from us.

Our Audience

  • SME and tech startup entrepreneurs in Nigeria / Africa
  • An entrepreneur who recently started or is about to start a tech-enabled business
  • Tech-savvy people who have  a basic understanding of enterprise tech
  • People who want to know how to build, scale and grow their business
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Starta’s Voice and Tone

  • Our voice is persuasive and conversational. We want to guide readers from one point to another until they reach a conclusion that provokes action
  • Our tone is positive, simple and authoritative
  • We prefer the use of  first and second person pronouns – e.g., “you”, “us”, “your”, “we.”

Checkout our articles to get a feel of the voice and tone.

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Best Practices

Guest author submissions that are likely to be successful are comprehensive articles that have the outlook of helping startups and entrepreneurs manage and scale their businesses.

35 must read business books for African founders is one of the articles we like.

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  • Proposed posts should be at least 1000 words or longer.
  • Writers must have command of English Language.
  • We prefer articles to be written in first and second person pronouns as stated above.
  • We reserve the right to check and remove  links used. This is  to help us verify if they are suitable or not.

What you stand to gain

Yep! It’s not all about what we want. We figure you’ll find the following enticing:

  • Exposure to our 17k+ subscribers,
  • Thousands of monthly views on our blog,
  • You get to build thought leadership in specific fields,
  • AND… you get to the stage of customer acquisition because people trust what you write!

Very important: Before you start writing, kindly use the search function to find out which articles have already been written. This is to reduce the possibility of you writing an article that has already been published.

Let’s get started

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To submit your article proposal, please complete the form.

We will contact you within one week if we are interested, and will ask you for a full draft at that time. Please note, that this is not a paid position.

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